F1 is not Replacing the Chinese GP for 2023

Chinese Grand Prix

The Chinese GP was cancelled a few weeks ago thanks to the countries strict zero Covid policy. Since then there has been rumour, after rumour, around what the replacement would be for this GP slot. Today though, F1 Management confirmed that the race would not be replaced.

This means that the calendar for 2023 will now be a 23 race calendar instead of 24 as the F1 managers wanted. While it’s not the huge season they pushed for, it’s still a record breaking season as the 2023 season has 23 races, compared to 22 in 2022, after Russia was cancelled and not replaced. We see the pattern emerging though, that’ll mean that we should see 28 races by 2028.



Personally I think it’s not the worst thing that this race has been cancelled. I’m a massive F1 fan but I think 23 races is more than enough over the course of the season. Let’s leave it there Stefano, yeah?