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Your COMPLETE 2023 F1 Guide!

Your COMPLETE 2023 F1 Guide!

THIS IS YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO F1 in 2023! WITH only 60 days until the FIRST race weekend of the season, and there’s been some massive changes even since the 2022 season ended. As far as I can see everything is lining up to make 2023 an incredible season…so here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 F1 season, so you can be prepared to ENJOY every moment.


My 2023 Team Predictions:

  • Red Bull – Likely to start strong, but if the other teams are close, then the ATR restriction over the season could make it hard for them. Also if they get something wrong…
  • Ferrari – Although they should have a strong car, their drivers are epic, and they’ve got a good engine now the reliability is reportedly fixed, but I’m not sure the TP change will help.
  • Mercedes – Honestly out of the top 3, I’d say these are most likely to give Red Bull a run for their money…not a cost cap joke (point to video)
  • Alpine – They were very strong in 2022, if they could close off reliability they could be dangerous, strong TP but the drivers put me on edge.
  • McLaren – Out of every team, this is the one I’m most excited to see for the driver, but like Ferrari, Seidl’s departure could cause some short term difficulties. (Video)
  • Alfa Romeo (Sauber) – They had a strong 2022 season, but I think this year will be very focused on the Audi switch over as Alfa Romeo leave at the end of the season…I can’t see massive progress.
  • Aston Martin – While I’m excited for McLaren’s drivers, I’m excited for this team. They’ve got new facilities, made strong 2022 progress after Spain and they’ve got Alonso.
  • Haas – They did a good job last year, but like always fell off…however with them now running at the cost cap due to Money Gram, I think they could be able to upgrade all season.
  • AlphaTauri – Honestly I’m not sure with this team, they’ve fallen massively backwards and were nowhere during the season…it’ll be interesting to see. De Vries I think will help. Team sold?
  • Williams – Who knows, they need a new CTO & TP