Write for Us

We allow anyone who wants to write articles or has another site that they write them for to submit an article here. We don’t have any restrictions on who posts content, however each post is approved by our team after you submit before it goes public. This is simply to ensure there is no content that would go against our content guidelines which include:

  • No Pornography
  • No Hate Speech/Racism
  • No Inflammatory or Intentionally false statements

You can link to your own content in posts you submit, as it’s only fair that you promote yourself too. If there are any issues with your content before approval we will contact you and ask if you can change the content to be accepted. Transparency is key.

We also will be expanding our team every few months to include more creators and we will give preference to the members of our community as well as featuring your content on our YouTube channel (with your permission) every now and then.

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