We’re adding F2 & F3 Coverage

F2 & F3 Coverage

One of the goals I have made for Wheel Sports is that in 10 years time I want it to be the largest Motorsport Content Network in the world. Now we’ve made a good start with covering F1, I feel like we’re lacking in up to date knowledge on the feeder series. As such we’ll be covering F2 & F3 starting next week, not only on this website through articles, but also on our all new YouTube Channel.

Now don’t worry, this won’t take away from the F1 coverage that you’re enjoying, instead it will help us to know more about what’s happening with younger drivers in the sport who are on their way up to the grid.



How will it work?

We’ll be publishing a couple of articles per week, and covering the latest news on F3, F2, and likely F1Academy starting next week on this website. As for YouTube, we’ll be adding one video per week and then doing some podcasts around race weekends.

The idea is to give you the coverage you need, without going overboard, or taking focus off of our F1 coverage.

Make sure you subscribe to the channel and that you also send us an email if you’re interested in being part of the new coverage!

Thank you all for your incredible, and ongoing, support.