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Ferrari Sidepods

The Ferrari sidepods revisited

This post was contributed by Henk Ormel, who has been a much beloved member of our community at Wheel Sports and an incredibly insightful eye for feedback on technical matters.

It kept bugging me, those Ferrari side pods. And for good reason, the pictures i saw weren’t the most explanatory. Now I have seen a few more pictures and the shape is clearer now. However the functionality is still somewhat confusing.


Those side pods are a combination of up-wash and down-wash now. The bathtub is shrunk to a gully and still has the kick-up at the rear. I guess that kick-up has to carry the hot air out of the radiators to the area between the rear- and beam wing. The S-duct outlet sits just at the inside, on top of the gully, against the engine cover. Here vents fast flowing cool air from the separate air intake inside the chassis legality box. In the gully is a hot air vent and at the back of the engine cover a variable amount of louvers also for hot air venting. That whole combination should work in a similar way as the bazooka outlets do at other cars. The big difference is that air is directed upwards by the kick-up at the back of the side pod.

The outside part of the side pod with the down washing ramp does end at the back of the floor/ start of the diffuser. That air gets accelerated to help the diffuser pull air out underneath the floor. The down washing air is also pulling at the air out of the narrowed gully, which is high pressure instead of low pressure air. This does change the pressure and direction of that air.

I do think that warm medium energy air is partially hitting the beamwing due to the pulling power of the down washing air. Still the the SF23 seemed to be more stabile in race trim in Spain than it was previously.