Rumour: Porsche to Announce Williams Takeover Today
Porsche Williams Rumour

Rumour: Porsche to Announce Williams Takeover Today

There’s been a slew of rumours about Porsche wanting to get into F1 with other teams ever since the deal with Red Bull fell apart. Now though, the internets best crack investigative bureau over at Reddit has found something interesting.

User HotSexWithGrandad said:

I thought they might leave some hint in there so I went back and looked at every single frame of the video.

I noticed this frame repeats several times and appears to vaguely show a face.

So recently Porsche deleted all their Formula E posts on Instagram and left this [above] as the only post on their account.

And I thought it looked strangely familiar, because it is, it’s Frank Williams wearing headphones.

So confirmation Porsche and Williams are teaming up!