Red Bull Ford Powertrains $30 Million Deal
Red Bull Ford Powertrains

Red Bull Ford Powertrains $30 Million Deal (and What it Means for Honda)

Red Bull Racing and Ford have announced their “technical partnership” in the world of Formula One. The deal, which was revealed at the Red Bull Racing event “RB19”, will see Ford branding appear on the car from 2026 to 2030. In return for the yearly payment of $30 million, Ford will not only receive marketing benefits but also share in the research and development of the engine.

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Red Bull, who have previously been committed to building their own V6 block, will now have access to Ford Performance engineers and specialists in hybrid powertrains and EV technology. With Ford’s recent $50 billion commitment to EV development, Red Bull will have access to the latest advancements in the field.

This partnership is a win-win for both parties. Ford will get to test cutting-edge hybrid technology and gain marketing benefits if Red Bull remains competitive, while Red Bull retains ultimate control over the final development of the engine with Ford as a partner.

In the meantime, Honda will continue to provide power units for Red Bull and AlphaTauri until 2025, after which Red Bull will use their own Red Bull Ford Powertrains engine. Honda attempted to strike a deal with Red Bull last year, but the sticking point was Red Bull’s desire for full control over the final product, which Honda wasn’t willing to give.

Honda has now joined the FIA’s list of engine suppliers for the 2026-2030 season, along with Alpine Racing, Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG, and Red Bull Ford. However, this is not a binding contract and Honda may still have some surprises ahead, as they are running out of teams to supply an engine to or buy out.

While we now have a clearer picture of the Red Bull and Ford partnership, there is still some uncertainty about Honda’s future in the world of Formula One. We will have to wait and see what surprises they may have in store.