P1 with Matt & Tommy is Getting Closer

P1 with Matt & Tommy

The two former co-hosts of F1’s largest YouTube channel have hinted in a recent tweet that the countdown is on for the launch of the new platform, P1 with Matt & Tommy, and could be as early as Monday, Wheel Sports Understands.

The new F1 content house is likely to be similar to the WTF1 channel in creating short clips for the channel as well as long form podcasts, although we still haven’t received any sort of inside look at sets, or changes.

An interesting rumour going around is also that the reason for the hosts leaving, and setting up P1 with Matt & Tommy, is that the hosts ran into trouble with parent company The Race Media. We’re not sure if any of the rumours hold weight though, is the overall view from the outside is simply that the two wanted more control over their own future.

It would make sense given that Tom Belingham was the founder of WTF1 in the first place, until he sold to Car Throttle in 2016.

Regardless of the back story, it would seem that the pair will end their Gardening Leave from F1 content, very shortly.