Welcome to the new Wheel Sports - Wheel Sports

Welcome to the new Wheel Sports

Over the last 12 months, Wheel Sports went from the tastelessly, but humorously, named Grand Prick YouTube channel to a YouTube Channel that gets thousands of views per day. However we’ve got big plans for this brand in the long term. I mean, we just used the word brand.

We’ve setup a key mission statement for Wheel Sports going forward: “Give F1 [Motorsport] fans unbiased and extensive coverage of the sport, while also creating smiles and not taking itself too seriously.”


In order to do this, we can’t stop at just video. As in reality, we can’t cover everything with just video. There’s too much news, and a lot of it doesn’t warrant a full article and video, even though some outlets would like to make you read 1000 unrelated words before giving you the news just to do so. Thus, we have recently began work on a new Podcast that will not only bring you all of the latest week’s news, but also help other small creators flourish.

Now though, as you’re probably aware from reading this, we’re also going to be given you something that we were told was dead in the 2000’s: The Written Word.

This website will bring you the latest news, every day, and we’ll slowly be building a team up to get more and more news out each day.

Over time I’d like to bake in other motorsports to our portfolio, but until we build a team of people who are as passionate about, say Indycar, as we are about F1 that will stay the same.

If you’re that passionate, or you would like to write for this website, then please get in touch. email editor@wheelsports.co to discuss.

In the meantime, be sure to sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the site and check back each day.