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Matt & Tommy "were not booted" from WTF1

Matt & Tommy “Were Not Booted” from WTF1

There’s been a lot of speculation lately, amid the abrupt leaving of Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham from WTF1, and very quickly setting up their new P1 with Matt & Tommy venture that the two were forcefully removed by The Race Media group. Until recently, neither party said anything on the matter and just wished each other well for the future. Now though, the new WTF1 staff have put the rumours to bed and stated that unequivocally the two “were not booted” from WTF1.

In a recent podcast by a few of the new WTF1 hosts, an episode about the upcoming Drive to Survive season, a quick conversation took place about the quick exit. They confirmed that the two had left to begin a new venture, which we now know is P1, and that it was in fact an amicable arrangement. They also said they were not pushed out the door by the parent company which took charge of WTF1 in 2020, which founder Tom Bellingham had previously sold to Car Throttle in 2016.


They also noted that the pair had discussed this with the parent company, The Race Media, and that it was a pre-planned exit. Thus while it may have looked rushed to us on the outside, it appears this was planned for a while.

Now we must simply wait on tenterhooks until P1 launches to hear more from our beloved Matt & Tommy.