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Matt & Tommy are Back with P1

After exactly 1 month, Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham are returning to the small (and in cases, very) small screen. P1 with Matt and Tommy is back! They’ve thus far put just a teaser on their Twitter feed, and we’ve now had the very first short podcast from the duo.

Since the teaser, they’ve released their first video and podcast, and it only took 4 hours for the podcast to become the No. 1 sports podcast out there. The presenters also touched on why they left WTF1. It appears that while much of the talk was about wanting a new adventure, which is reasonable. They also seemed to have been lacking in control about the direction of the outlet.

The duo commented on how they’re ideas fell on deaf ears at The Race Media and how they were more or less forced to pursue only the ideas that would allow them to get the most in terms of viewership.

Now with P1 the two can work on their own terms and to their own creative goals. This kind of creative freedom will allow the two to explore new ideas and in reality that’s good for us fans.