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Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll Will Race on Sunday

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll has made a dramatic return to the Formula One paddock after a harrowing incident that left the driver injured and out of action for the pre-season test session in Bahrain. Stroll, who was out training on his bike when the accident occurred, has finally broken his silence, sharing the gruesome details of his injuries and the struggle he faced to return to the cockpit.

With information about the incident kept under wraps, Stroll has finally opened up about the painful bike accident that left him with minor surgery on his right wrist and a banged-up left wrist. “I just came off the bike and ate it pretty hard,” said the Canadian driver.


Stroll’s absence from the pre-season test didn’t go unnoticed, with new teammate Fernando Alonso and reserve driver Felipe Drugovich stepping up to complete the early laps in the AMR23. But with Stroll’s return to the cockpit confirmed for the season opener, there’s a newfound sense of optimism and excitement within the team.

“I’m just excited to get behind the wheel of the new car,” said Stroll, who expressed eagerness to experience the progress the team has made during the pre-season test. “I think we’re going to learn a lot more this weekend; testing’s always so hard to tell.”

As Aston Martin gears up for the Bahrain GP, the team has confirmed that F2 champion Drugovich and reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne will be present should their services be required. But with Stroll back in action, there’s renewed hope that the team can make a big impact this season.