Ford Leaks News Confirming Ford & Red Bull Partnership

Ford & Red Bull Partnership

Ford is set to make a return to Formula 1 racing after a 17-year absence. Ford, accidentally left out the embargo on a press release about the deal, before sending it to Ansa who then released the article early, before withdrawing it, 1 hour later. The automaker will partner with Red Bull Powertrains, the engine division of Red Bull Racing, for the 2026 season. Red Bull Racing will continue to use Honda engines until 2025, after which the team will start using the new engine that is being co-funded by Ford. The agreement between Ford and Red Bull Racing is expected to be officially announced on Friday, during the 2023 season launch in New York.

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Red Bull Powertrains, which was created specifically for the 2026 regulations, already employs around 500 people and is said to be well advanced with its plans. The 2026 regulations will see F1 continue with turbo hybrid engines but with an increase in hybrid performance and the use of sustainable synthetic fuels.



Ford has a rich history in F1, having funded the Cosworth DFV V8 engine, which dominated the sport from 1967 to the early 1980s. The DFV engine remains the most successful engine in F1 history, winning 155 races, including its final victory by Michele Alboreto’s Tyrrell in the 1983 US Grand Prix East in Detroit. Ford continued to have success in F1 until 2003, winning a further 21 Grands Prix, the last with Giancarlo Fisichella’s Jordan in Brazil in 2003.

The move by Ford comes as its historic rival, General Motors, is also attempting to enter F1 through the American Andretti Global organization. Andretti has struck a deal to carry the logos of GM’s Cadillac brand, but plans to use a Renault engine in its car. The organization hopes to enter F1 in 2025, but has yet to receive approval from the sport’s governing body, the FIA. The FIA has announced a formal new-team assessment process, and FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, who has been supportive of Andretti, has said that Andretti is the only organization that has registered interest as a prospective new team.

Ford’s return to F1 after a 17-year absence is a significant move for the automaker and is expected to bring new competition to the sport. The partnership with Red Bull Powertrains will allow Ford to bring its expertise and experience to the table, while also providing Red Bull Racing with the funding needed to develop a new engine for the 2026 season. The 2026 regulations are set to bring a new level of competition to F1, with increased hybrid performance and the use of sustainable synthetic fuels, making Ford’s return to the sport all the more exciting.