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FIA Opens Tender for New F1 Tyres

The FIA has initiated the ‘invitations to tender’ process in order to review the Formula 1 tyre supply for 2025-2027, signalling a potential (although unlikely) change in the sport’s tyre manufacturer. The governing body has announced that they will be looking for a single manufacturer to supply all F1 tyres from 2025 through to 2027, with an option of extending to 2028.

Pirelli, the current supplier, has a contract in place until the end of the 2024 season and has been the sport’s sole supplier since the 2011 season. However, the FIA’s new contract will be for a supply to Formula 1, along with the feeder series Formula 2 and Formula 3, the specifications for which will be revealed “in the next two weeks.”


The FIA has stated that the tyre dimensions will be “similar” to the current 18″ specification tyres. Nevertheless, an increased emphasis on environmental sustainability will be a significant requirement for any bidding manufacturers. The FIA has stated that the sustainability of the tyres across the “complete life cycle” will need to be proven by the manufacturers.

The requirements also include the mandate that the tyres will need to be fitted with electronic identification to improve the efficiency of the scrutineering procedures. In addition to this, the higher-torque power units expected to be implemented in 2026 will likely require design changes to cope with the revised demands, despite the “similar” dimensions. The estimated torque increase is around 10%.

A decision on the new tyre supply contract is expected in mid-June, with potential bidders for the contract expected to submit their applications before then. This change in tyre supplier for the 2025-2027 seasons could result in significant changes to the performance and dynamics of F1 cars. Teams will need to adapt to the new tyres, potentially requiring significant redesigns to their cars, and drivers will have to learn how to navigate the new tyres and adjust their driving styles accordingly.

The move towards more environmentally sustainable tyres is a welcome step for Formula 1, which has been working towards improving its sustainability in recent years. The sport has implemented several measures to reduce its carbon footprint, such as using biofuels, promoting more sustainable travel, and reducing the use of single-use plastics. A more sustainable tyre supply would be another positive step towards Formula 1’s goal of becoming a more environmentally friendly sport.

The FIA’s move to open up the ‘invitations to tender’ process for the Formula 1 tyre supply for 2025-2027 is a significant step towards a potentially new tyre manufacturer for the sport. The focus on sustainability and increased efficiency in the scrutineering procedures will help to improve the sport’s environmental impact while also promoting fair competition. Teams and drivers will need to adapt to the new tyres, and it remains to be seen what impact the new tyres will have on the performance of F1 cars. Nonetheless, it is a positive step towards Formula 1’s sustainability goals.