Ferrari SF-23 Unveil was, literally, the best Launch Ever
Ferrari SF-23

Ferrari SF-23 Unveil was, literally, the best Launch Ever

The roar of engines filled the air as Ferrari unveiled its SF-23 challenger at a grand launch event held at the Fiorano track. Invited media and Ferrari fans were treated to a short series of interviews with the team’s new principal, Frederic Vasseur, and its star drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, before the SF-23 took to the track.

Leclerc completed two laps before handing over to Sainz, who was full of praise for the team’s decision to conduct the demonstration in public. It was a brave move given the early stages of preparations for the coming campaign and the possibility of reliability issues, but Sainz was enthusiastic about the event.


“I think Formula 1 needs these kinds of events nowadays,” he said. “We were brave as a team to do it, and it was a very good day for Ferrari and F1.”

Sainz also praised the off-season preparations that had gone into the SF-23, saying that “nothing went wrong, everything went perfect.” The team had taken a risk by putting the brand new car on track in front of so many people, but it had paid off, with the car running smoothly and Sainz already giving feedback to the engineers.

While the true test of the SF-23’s capabilities would come at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sainz felt that the team was moving in the right direction. “We’ve already covered some nice steps in the right direction,” he said.

As the SF-23 completed its laps and the launch event came to a close, Ferrari fans left the Fiorano track filled with excitement for the coming season. With the team’s bold decision to showcase its new car in public, it seemed that Ferrari was once again ready to challenge for glory in the world of Formula 1.