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The FIA has launched an application process for new Formula 1 teams, with an assessment of each application “based on a rigorous financial and technical analysis”. 1/2

VIA Andrew Benson [Twitter]

Red Bull’s prospective engine deal with Ford has leaked in the Italian media. The two will join forces as partners for the 2026 engine regulations, it is understood. Red Bull’s 2023 season launch is in New York on Friday. No comment from Red Bull

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Red Bull was already on a very productive development path but #F1’s new regulations proved to be a great fit with the direction Red Bull’s aerodynamic development was already heading.

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On Max Verstappen’s website, tickets are now on sale for the ‘Max Verstappen Grandstand’ at the Spanish GP. In a now deleted paragraph, the chicane in the last sector is supposedly being removed and the circuit will go back to using its old layout.


The FIA has blocked Colton Herta from competing in lower racing categories in the US and securing the necessary Super License points to race in F1.

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Time for some wild speculation Monday? Apparently, Gulf Oil, Porsche and Williams are teaming up and it will be announced today. (as always my sources are absolute shite and no-one should trust me)


“A car cannot be fast with understeer. It’s impossible” #F1 world champion @Max33Verstappen has opened up on his early-season frustrations with the 2022 Red Bull.