blown diffuser

How the Blown Diffuser in F1 Worked: A Technical Breakdown

The blown diffuser was one of the most innovative and controversial technological advancements in the history of Formula One racing. This aerodynamic device was introduced in the 2010 season and became a defining feature of the sport over the next several years. It allowed teams to generate significant amounts of downforce, improving the grip and …

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The History of F1 Engines

The History of F1 Engines

Formula One engines have come a long way since the inception of the sport in 1950. From the early days of naturally aspirated engines to the highly advanced hybrid power units of today, the evolution of Formula One engines reflects the sport’s constant drive for innovation and improvement. In this article, we will take a …

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The Evolution of F1 tyres

The Evolution of F1 tyres

Formula One is one of the most technologically advanced and physically demanding sports in the world, and the evolution of tires has played a critical role in the sport’s development. Tires are an essential component of any racing car and play a vital role in determining its performance and handling characteristics. In this article, we …

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Downforce in F1

What is Downforce in F1

Downforce is an aerodynamic force that acts on a race car, pressing it down onto the track and increasing its grip. This is a crucial aspect of modern Formula One (F1) racing, as it allows the cars to corner at higher speeds and improve their overall performance. In F1, downforce is generated by the car’s …

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F1's 2017 Regulation Change

F1’s 2017 Regulation Change

The 2017 Formula One season saw a number of significant changes to the technical regulations of the sport. These changes were aimed at increasing the speed and excitement of the cars, as well as improving the overall safety of the sport. One of the most notable changes was the introduction of wider tires. The front …

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