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History of Haas F1

A Brief History of Haas F1

Haas F1 Team is an American Formula One racing team, based in Kannapolis, North Carolina. It was founded in 2014 by American businessman Gene Haas, who is also the founder of Haas Automation, one of the largest machine tool builders in the world. In this article, we will discuss the journey of Haas in Formula One and how the team entered the sport.

Gene Haas had a long-standing interest in motorsports and had previously been involved in NASCAR and IndyCar racing. He saw Formula One as a way to promote his company on a global scale and decided to establish a team in the sport. Haas became the first American team to enter Formula One since 1986, and the first new team to enter the sport since the creation of the Manor team in 2010.


Haas began the process of entering Formula One by forming a technical partnership with Ferrari. The partnership allowed Haas to use Ferrari’s power unit, gearbox, and suspension systems, and also receive technical support from the Italian team. This was a smart move as it reduced the costs associated with building a new car and allowed Haas to focus on other areas of the team such as sponsorship and marketing.

Haas’s entry into Formula One was officially confirmed in 2014, and the team made its debut in the 2016 season. The team’s first car, the VF-16, was designed by Italian engineer Guenther Steiner and was powered by a Ferrari engine. The car was painted in a distinctive livery of Haas’s corporate colors, gray and red.

Haas’s debut season in Formula One was a strong one. The team finished eighth in the Constructors’ Championship, ahead of established teams such as Renault and Sauber. This was a remarkable achievement for a new team, and it demonstrated Haas’s competitiveness in the sport.

In the following years, Haas continued to improve, and the team has consistently finished in the top ten of the Constructors’ Championship. The team has also scored several points-scoring finishes, including a best-ever fifth-place finish at the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Haas’s success in Formula One has been made possible through its partnership with Ferrari, its commitment to innovation, and its focus on cost efficiency. The team has demonstrated that it is possible to compete in the sport without spending vast amounts of money, and it has shown that new teams can enter the sport and be successful.

Haas’s journey in Formula One has been a remarkable one, and the team has established itself as a competitive and innovative outfit in the sport. The team’s entry into Formula One has not only helped to promote Haas Automation on a global scale but has also demonstrated that new teams can be successful in the sport.