Daniel Ricciardo

When will we know more about Daniel Ricciardo & McLaren?

Fernando Alonso’s shock announcement on the heels of the Hungarian Grand Prix, F1’s usual silly season went into full swing. This was upgraded by the fact that Alpine both announced and then were rejected by Oscar Piastri. However the largest knock on effect from all of this is the fact that it seems that Piastri already had a pre-contract with McLaren. This could only mean one thing, Daniel Ricciardo was out at McLaren for 2023. Since then we’ve had a variety of reports and rumours, but nothing concrete from the teams. The question now is, when will we hear more?

Those of you who have been avid Formula 1 nuts for years now, will definitely be aware of the summer shutdown. Those of you who are not long-time fans, the summer shut down is when all F1 teams have to take a mandatory 14 day shutdown. During this period, no work can be undertaken that effects the F1 team itself. The only exceptions to this are Cleaning, Marketing and Facilities Upgrades. No emails, or communications of any kind, are allowed related to the running of an F1 team.

The brass tax then is that until the teams are out of Mandatory shutdown and back at work on Monday we won’t get an update. If you’ve been following this entire debacle, then that’s when to come back and check out this website for the latest. If you want to catch up, then watch our full story below!

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